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Malawi hotel reviews

Check out our Malawi hotel reviews from fellow like-minded travellers to find the best local accommodation for your Malawi holiday.

From: USD 160

Fantastic service, wonderful food. 5 hours up a dirt track and there was a kids play area! our boys loved it (ages 4 and 2). We loved the scenery. It is 5 hours from Rumphi on bad roads. I'd only recommend trying in a 4x4 with high clearance.

- 25 Apr 2014, Mrs Ellen A.

It was absolutely lovely, but there really should be a cheaper option. I suspect that this is prohibitively expensive for a lot of people, and if they're traveling from overseas they don't have camping equipment. An in-between option, e.g. simpler rooms or hostel-type rooms would really help.

- 13 Aug 2012, Ms Jane H.
Green Season Special - From USD 160.00 to USD 100.00 (For All Residents!!) [Valid from 13 Jan 2015 to 02 Apr 2015]

From: USD 190

Fabulous as always.

- 15 Oct 2014, Ms Antonia H.

Best place we've ever stayed! Incredibly beautiful and well run.

- 30 May 2014, Mr Hans D.

From: USD 86


- 13 Nov 2013, Mr Jörg T.

Lovely accommodation with spectacular views over the Lower River Shire. This would make an amazing honeymoon for a young couple or romantic retreat for older weds like ourselves!

- 15 Oct 2013, Mr Alistair K.

From: USD 25

On our 2nd night there were 16 people staying which I felt was too many for the facilities, otherwise I would have rated it 'great'. The appeal was that it was remote so didn't expect it to be so busy.

- 29 Apr 2014, Mrs Maggie J.


- 04 Feb 2014, Mrs Liz A.

From: USD 80

Food and service were exceptionally good.

- 24 Mar 2015, Mr Jeremy S.

The service was outstanding and cannot be faulted. The staff were exceptionally well trained and geared to the needs of the guest. The food prepared by Godfrey and his team was excellent. Thank you to John and all the staff, we wish our stay could have been longer.

- 30 Sep 2014, Mrs Priscilla T.

From: USD 225

The food, accommodation and safari guiding were fantastic.

- 15 Oct 2014, Ms Antonia H.

We had a lovely time and a great stay. My only negative comment would be we had a mouse in our room the night before we left the house keeping answer was to spray doom and I'm not sure that would have been enough for the next guests!

- 29 Aug 2014, Mrs Ellen A.
Green Season Special - From USD 175.00 to USD 100.00 (For All Residents) [Valid from 13 Jan 2015 to 02 Apr 2015]

From: USD 95

Beautiful and great service. We all loved it.

- 25 Apr 2014, Mrs Ellen A.

Beach furniture very limited and fairly basic for the standard of accommodation

- 27 Apr 2013, Mr Geoffrey M.

From: USD 170

Excellent place in terrific location. Faultless service and great personal attention. We loved the various boat trips.

- 30 May 2014, Mr Hans D.

A treat.

- 23 Aug 2012, Mrs Hazel A.

From: USD 175

The food has significantly improved from our last visit in June. However, the accommodation seems increasingly dilapidated.

- 15 Oct 2014, Ms Antonia H.

One of the Most spectacular place in Malawi, must visit place. Had wonderful time in Hundington house, Chef made special birthday cake for us, was wonderful surprise. Over all experience was awesome.

- 09 Apr 2014, Mr Rajeshkumar U.

From: USD 245


- 04 Feb 2014, Mrs Liz A.


- 16 Oct 2013, Mrs Nicola D.

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