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This self catering lake house was built in 1958 and still holds much of it's colonial grandeur. With beautiful gardens and a stunning stretch of beach it is easy to while away the time simply soaking up the views, swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters of Lake Malawi or catching up with friends and family. Self catered, Conforzi provides the perfect base to explore the area and the wonderful privacy of knowing it is only you and your friends!

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House attendants: Mquanda and Rabson are responsible for cleaning the house, laundry and assisting guests in the kitchen. Please note that they are not chefs but can assist with meal preparation and are capable of producing some simple Italian meals on their own. 2 x Garden staff and 3 x Night watchmen.

NB: Please instruct the staff when you want your room cleaned, if you close your room they might think you don’t want them to intrude. Bear in mind that if all the rooms are occupied they will need a fair amount of time to clean them all.