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Huntingdon House has recently been beautifully refurbished in keeping with its colonial 1920s architecture. The history of this tea estate lodge can be seen in each of the uniquely designed bedrooms, and guests eat dinner in the old dining room with a roaring log fire living room for after dinner drinks. The terrace leads out to magnificent gardens and is surrounded by the rolling tea fields of the working fair-trade estate. Guests can spend days relaxing at Huntingdon or taking part in the many activities the estate offers. Witness the life of the estate by mountain bike, on foot, or by car.

Community Orphan Care Visit: Afternoon visit to orphan care centre.

Day Tour: Paper Recycling Project

Huntingdon House is pleased to have two new managers, Gina & Marc who have been there since last October (so they are not so new after all). However, there are wonderful people, if you need anything from them, they are always happy to help wherever possible.

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

  • Huntingdon House is set within The Fair Trade Tea Estate of Satemwa.
  • Employment.
  • Community initiatives- education, healthcare, environment

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

As part of Satemwa's social responsibility program, we provide a number of welfare services which are available to both staff and their immediate dependants.

The Satemwa Clinic is under the able hands of Mr. Charles Mwale (Clinical Officer) and continues to provide professional medical services to all employees and their immediate families and to all students at the Satemwa Primary School. There is a 3 bed antenatal facility and an under 5 clinic on Mondays that is provided in partnership with Government and is accessible to all the communities on and around Satemwa. A 24hour ambulance service funded by the company takes any referrals to hospitals within the district of Thyolo.

Satemwa is supporting the national drive by government to support community policing programs. The security department of Satemwa assists the local community policing network on a day to day basis with resources such as transport and communications in order to help maintain law and order within the Satemwa catchment area. Our Security Officer is also a key member of the District Community Policing Committee.

Satemwa supports divisional sporting activities which give workers a breather after a week's hard work in the fields. Divisions play competitive soccer with other divisions and estates.
The Satemwa Primary School seats +/- 900 pupils. Education is provided in partnership with government who provide the teachers, learning materials and curriculum, whilst Satemwa provides land, buildings and other structural needs such as teachers housing. This year, Satemwa sent 19 pupils to various secondary schools. The school also recently benefited from tea Charity tea Fund which saw construction of a new school black last year.

Environment is one of the issues that top the agenda of our CSR program and deforestation has long reached crisis point in Southern Malawi. Other than regular tree planting on Satemwa, we have a program aimed at training workers and members of the community on the use of stoves that use less firewood. The technology was orignally developed by a GTZ funded project called PROBEC who have trained our builders in how to construct fuel efficient water heaters, estate catering size stoves and small domestic stoves. All the estate kitchen stoves have been converted and the next phase of the project will see the introduction of these stoves into all workers housing. A pilot stove has been put into a supervisors house with good results - Mrs. Chiwaya is thrilled with the stove, saying it reduces the time she has to spend collecting firewood and also reduces her cooking time due to the heat the stove generates.

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