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Sungeni Lake Cottage is the ideal place to stay to enjoy time with family and friends. The cottage has a beautiful pool with a baby section ideal for young families and an amazing view of the lake, perfect for a sundowner!  Self catering or fully catered options available.


Located on the southern shore of Lake Malawi between Mangochi and Monkey Bay.


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Hotel Address: Southern Lake Malawi, Mangochi

Getting there

From Lilongwe Airport

  • Driving out of Lilongwe towards the airport, turn right onto the Salima road – M14. This is a large junction in the light industrial area on Lilongwe. At the junction there will be a Petroda petrol garage immediately on your righthand side. 
  • Drive along this road for approximately 86 km until you get to the M5 southbound junction. There is a sign post.
  • Turn right – there is a Petroda Filling Station at the corner of this junction. There is an “Ice-cream Den” at the Petroda (which sells great soft serve ice-cream and has a clean toilet.)
  • Drive down this road for approximately 77 km.
  • You will pass the Chipoka turning on you left and go over 2 very distinctive wooden bridges along this road.
  • You will also pass a white sign on the right hand side for Mua Mission Hospital approximately 60 kmalong this road. Just after the Mua Mission Hospital sign, there will be a road sign for Monkey Bay and a road on your left – DO NOT TAKE THIS ROAD. It is not in very good condition.
  •  You will pass the Dedza turn off on your right at approximately 75.5km on this road.
  • Turn left onto a newly resurfaced road (Golomoti)
  • When you reach the end of the Golomoti road, turn right in the direction of Mangochi.
  • You will then see a dirt road on your left hand side with number of signs on the corner (for Standard Bank Cottage, Norman Carr Cottage etc) – take this turning and follow the road to the very end (ignore the fork to the left for Norman Carr Cottage). 

From Blantyre

  • From Blantyre City Centre, take the Chirimba road as if going to Chileka Airport and drive staright over the roundabaout onto Zalewa Road.
  • At Zalewa road block, drive about 5minutes till you reach a T-Junction, turn right on M1 road as if going to Lilongwe. 
  • Drive on the M1 road for about 1hour 30minutes till you reach another major road block known as Chingeni (Balaka)
  • From Chingeni road block, take a left turn as if going to Lilongwe. Drive for about 10minutes till you reach a junction then turn right onto Salima Road.
  • Drive for an hour and a half till you reach Golomoti Turn-Off (signposted), Turn right and this road goes to Monkey Bay. Drive about 70km till you reach Mangochi/Monkey Bay Junction, turn right as if going to Mangochi.
  •  Observe a dirt road with a number signpost.