About Us

Takulandirani and welcome to Malawi!

The Responsible Safari Company
is owned and managed by a dynamic, young British couple, Dom and Kate. Launched in 2008 and based in Malawi, the company is dedicated to providing destination management services throughout Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

The Responsible Safari Company offers comprehensive travel services including Malawi accommodation, transport and African safaris interwoven with unique Malawi eco-tourism experiences, offering visitors the chance to explore local cultural environments.

Designed with the 21st century traveller in mind, who is both culturally and environmentally conscious, The Responsible Safari Company’s core values are embedded in the promotion of sustainable travel. Their combination of tailor-made Malawi tours, with unique hand-picked ecotourism initiatives, has made them one of the regions leading travel providers.

"As a small, personalised company, we can guarantee you as much of our time and effort in creating your ideal holiday and are passionate that every client sees the very best of this outstanding and diverse slice of Africa. This is our love and we will thoroughly enjoy planning each and every safari we do."


We believe that travel to culturally and environmentally fragile destinations should be handled with a certain amount of responsibility, awareness and knowledge. We ensure that the benefits of tourism reach local Malawians. By linking with grassroots community projects we are able to offer visitors a unique insight into rural Malawi and provide additional support for local initiatives.

The rich diversity of Malawi's landscape allows visitors a truly exciting opportunity to experience a wide variety of Malawi attractions, from hiking the wonders of Mount Mulanje and Zomba Plateau to kayaking and diving in Lake Malawi, exploring the famous Liwonde & Nyika National Parks and spending time within rural hilltop communities in Central Malawi.

We are thrilled to join
whl.travel and feel that our joint commitment to the ethos of sustainable travel creates an ideal platform for unforgettable and unique travel experiences throughout Malawi.

Meet the Team

Dom Webb
first travelled to Africa in the 1990's to work in a school in rural Kenya, where he quickly realised a passion for the unique culture, people and landscape of the African continent. After returning to the UK to study Business and Hotel Management, Dom moved into Travel PR and Safari Consultancy in London before returning to Africa to manage high end eco-lodges in both Kenya and Uganda.

After a few years living and working in Africa, and a brief six-month trip from Nairobi to Cape Town, Dom and Kate saw a gap in the market for educational safaris. Turning down exciting offers of managing private lodges in both Mozambique and Tanzania, they moved to Malawi in 2008 to establish The Responsible Safari Company, specialising in bridging the gap between the fields of Development and Tourism.

When not working, Dom spends his time travelling around Malawi keeping up to date on the tourism infrastructure. He also loves fishing, scuba diving as well as feeding his second passion for travel writing and photography. The occasional poker evening and sports weekend don't go amiss, either!

Brought up in the English countryside with summers in the Scottish highlands has forged a deep love and appreciation of nature and wildlife, and he returns to the UK as often as he can to spend time on the windy coast or in the heart of the countryside, escaping the beautifully chaotic life of Africa.

"With such a diverse experience of local Tribes, National Parks and African Lodges, I am hugely fortunate to love what I do and hope to pass this passion on to each one of our clients."

Kate Webb (Ward)
graduated with a degree in Applied Theatre and Education in 2004, subsequently working alongside Dom in both Kenya and Uganda, establishing various successful sustainable community projects adjacent to their bush lodges. This led Kate to extend her qualifications with a Masters Degree in International Development and Education, researching `The Effects of Tourism on Local Communities in terms of Conservation, Education and Development.`

Kate now concentrates on the community development side of The Responsible Safari Company, specialising in sourcing suitable projects and ensuring the volunteer placements are worthwhile, educational and beneficial for all involved. With a background embedded in education, she truly believes that knowledge is paramount to enjoying a truly unique African experience.

"I love living in Africa, witnessing the sun setting over Lake Malawi, hiking the peaks of Mount Mulanje and above all having the opportunity to work closely with local communities. The challenge of trying to combine development with tourism and actively contributing to many sustainable travel publications and discussing ways in which the tourism industry can contribute to the development of Africa is something I truly enjoy. One of my highlights of the last few years has been meeting our visitors for sundowners, hearing their stories and witnessing their new found love for Malawi."

Being brought up on the east coast of England, Kate's heart remains by the sea and she loves returning to England, going for walks with her Mum in Cornwall and sailing with her Dad on the North Norfolk coast.

Chimwemwe Mhango
was born and raised in a Malawian family of five and received her primary, secondary and tertiary education in Malawi. She subsequently obtained a Bachelors of Education Degree in Home Economics and Geography at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. Apart from dancing, playing netball and relaxing with her husband, Chimwemwe's passion lies in dealing with young people, primarily those who believe in making a change both for their country and those around them.

After joining The Responsible Safari Company, her interest in the tourism industry broadened as she learned more about eco-tourism and sustainable development. She strongly believes in the effectiveness of making positive contributions in life and appreciates how much local communities and Malawi can benefit through involvement in eco-tourism and sustainable travel.

Malawians take pride in living in "The Warm Heart of Africa", and this has helped Chimwemwe realise how unique it is to be called a Malawian. Being relatively new in the tourism industry, she has learnt that, apart from the country's stunning physical features, the country's people and culture are what make the tourism industry complete. Learning more about her country, local communities and giving others an opportunity to do the same is what drives Chimwemwe to do her job well. Working at an eco-tourism company has taught her the importance of recycling, supporting local industry and above all, promoting a green and responsible lifestyle that encourages sustainability of the local environment. 

Contact us with any queries, large or small, regarding Malawi! We are passionate and dedicated to providing sustainable travel and eco-tourism in Malawi and look forward to introducing you to "The Warm Heart of Africa"!