Food & Cuisine in Malawi

Chinese Top

Hong Kong
Address: Robbins Road, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 (0) 820 859/36

Chinese Restaurant in Blantyre City Corner. Take away or eat in.

NB: Closed on Mondays

China Noble
Address: Area 3, off Coloby Road near Lilongwe Hotel
Phone number: +265 (0) 750 075 +265 888 204 388
Description: Delicious chinese food.

European Top

Doogles Bar
Address: Wenela, Blantyre
Description: Doogles is perhaps Blantyre's liveliest spot for a quick bite to eat. They are favourite to backpackers and young expats happy hour on Tuesday and Thursday are particularly busy. Chicken wraps and monster burgers are our favourite!
Bruce's Grill
Address: Sunnyside, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 995 751 561 +265 888 833 518
Description: This is a great place to enjoy good food with lovely outdoor space and a swimming pool ideal for children.
Blue Elephant
Address: Kidney Crescent, Ginnery Corner, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 999 965 850
Description: A good place for delicious fish and chips, drinks and watching sport.
Chez Maky Café
Address: Kabula Hill Road, Blantyre
Phone number: : +265 (0) 999 203 092
Description: A great place for a sundowner. Easy homecooked food and a tempting swimming pool in a sunny garden. Groups can organise larger meals or barbeques.
21 Grill
Address: Hannover, Protea Hotel Ryalls
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 820 955
Description: This is a fabulous restaurant serving french food. Very popular with expats it promises excellent service and delicious food.
Food Court
Address: Robins Road
Phone number: +265
Description: An eating place with a wonderful view over Ndirande Mountain. Delcious icecream parlour. Ideal for children!
Mamma Mia
Address: Old Town Mall, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 758 362
Description: The best italian in Lilongwe. Delicious home cooked pizza and pasta. Ideal for groups as well as a romantic meal out.
Blue Ginger
Address: Pacific Center, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 795 225 +265 (0) 888 214 444
Description: Good restaurant in the heart of Lilongwe.
Don Brion’s Bistro
Address: Mandala Road, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 920 221 +265 999 933 627
Description: One of the best places to eat in Lilongwe. Intimate setting for a treat out.

Italian Top

Address: Kidney Crescent, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 (0) 888 282 828
Description: This is a lovely Italian-bistro-style restaurant, friendly service, delicious food- a very popular eating place for expatriates. The laid back style makes it a fantastic place to spend the evening

Pizza Resturant Top

Jungle Pepper Pizza
Address: Chichiri Shopping Mall, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 (0) 888 826 229

Here, you will enjoy yummy pizza and friendly services. A takeaway or sit outside fast food homemade pizza place. A convenient place to eat at Blantyre's only Shopping Mall, Chichiri Mall

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 21:00
Address: Next to Ryalls Hotel
Phone number: 0995 410 112

A new pizza place in the city of Blantyre and well known for yummy pizza and good services! Take away or eat in as well as free deliveries within a distance of 10km.

Indian Top

Veg Delight
Address: Opp. FMB Bank on Glynn Jones Road, Blantyre
Phone number: 0999222848

Delicious Indian Food. Eat in at this cool little cafe on Glynn Jones road or order a takeaway. Our favorite is the Vegetarian Curry but the menu holds many traditional Indian treats. Jayant and Asha are the perfect local hosts!

Curry Corner
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 22:00
Address: Chichiri Shopping Mall, Blantyre
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 919 310

Delicious Indian Food at Chichiri Shopping Mall in Blantyre. A takeaway or a romantic dinner would be a good treat.

Baba’s Delhi Darbar
Address: Area 12, Four Seasons Complex, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 926 421 +265 (0) 999 914 606
Description: Great indian in the centre of Lilongwe.
Bombay Palace
Address: Lilongwe - Game Mall behind Pizza Inn. Blantyre Opposite Ryalls Hotel
Phone number: 0888 202 202 -Lilongwe. 0888 200 200 - Blantyre

The best eating place in both Lilongwe and Blantyre cities offering excellent Indian Cuisine and good services.

Korean Top

Korea Gardens Restaurant
Address: Area 3, Old Town, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 753 467 +265 (0) 1 757 854
Description: Traditional Korean Food. Delicious and ideal for an afternoon spent using the pool and eating yummy food.

Malawian Top

The Sanctuary Lodge
Address: Area 40, Lilongwe
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 775 200/1/2

Intimate setting for a lovely meal at this city lodge restaurant.

European and Malawian Top

Kara O'Mula
Address: Mulanje
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 466 515
Description: Malawian and european meals are offered here in the beautiful setting of the foothills of Mount Mulanje.

Malawian and European Food Top

The Boma and Hiccups Pub
Address: At the Boma, Cape Maclear
Phone number: +265 (0) 1 599 157
Description: Fantastic atmosphere for a buzzy night out! Food varies from fresh fish to locally made samosas!

Itialian Top

Basilico Pizzeria
Address: Mulanje Town, just on the dirt road by the main Mulanje/Blantyre road.
Description: This is the best treat for when you return from hiking Mount Mulanje. Delicious oven cooked homemade pizzas. Huge and mouthwatering!

French Seafood Top

Casa Mia
Address: Kabula Hill, Blantyre
Description: Newly opened Casa Mia is wonderful. It is set in a mediterean whitewashed building and serves delicious fish from Malawi and Mozambique as well as other French delicacies. Very romantic and great for a special treat! The cocktails are wonderful too!