Malawi Community Projects

Children playing Lake Malawi

A unique way to appreciate the true diversity of Malawi is by working alongside local people on a community based project. We believe that to truly discover Malawi you have to delve deeper and interact with local communities, share skills and depart with lasting memories. Malawi is more than the parks and beaches, it is found in the communities tucked away from the tourist route, further to travel but well worth the distance. Leave the comfort of your lodge and spend days interacting with local people, sharing your skills and discovering why Malawi is known as 'The Warm Heart of Africa'.

Lake Malawi is the perfect base to explore local fishing communities, use your skills and discover a new side to lakeside life through community based volunteering. Accommodation is provided in nearby lakeside lodges allowing you to return each night for a sundowner and star gazing over Lake Malawi. Projects include teaching, home based care, environmental work or group volunteering opportunities of building, painting and restoring community structures.

Community Tourism Malawi

Winding hilltop tracks open out with staggering views over Lake Malawi. Children run out to wave as you speed past in the car aching to get out and walk amongst the villages and forest. The rainforest stands magnificently protected, its branches reaching down over the lush green forest floor. This is home for a truly unique volunteering experience. Deep in the heart of Malawi discover rural village life through a skilled volunteer placement. Spend nights within local hilltop communities or return each day to the open fires of Ntchisi Forest Lodge. Malawi projects can include healthcare, teaching training, environmental initiatives within the adjacent rainforest- if you have a skill the lodge will match you with a relevant project, all they ask for is a committment to work alongside community members and a passion to share your skills!

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